This will be a table mapping LONI Pipeline Engine XML tags to Common Workflow Language syntax.

LONI XML Tag Arguments/Attributes Description Equivalent Command Line Tool CWL Syntax
pipeline Tag used to declare pipeline
version A version number for the pipeline. cwlVersion
moduleGroup A collection of modules; can act as a single node in a workflow.
module A single executable in a pipeline.
name Name of the executable.
description A description of the executable.
location Path to the executable. baseCommand
package Package the executable belongs to.
version Version of the package the executable belongs to.
executableVersion Version of the executable that the module wraps.
executableAuthors Authors of the executable that the XML module definition wraps.
author Author name. Nested within ''executableAuthors'' and ''authors''
fullName Full name.
email Author e-mail.
website Author website.
authors Authors of XML module definition for LONI Pipeline
citations A grouping of multiple citation tags.
citation Unnamed string containing citation text. Article citation. Nested within ''citations''
tag Tag used to identify the module using LONI Pipeline's search functionality.
input/output An input or output parameter inputs/outputs
name A name for the input parameter.
description A description for the input parameter.
enabled Whether or not a particular parameter is enabled for usage as part of the module.
required Whether or not the input parameter is required for the module to execute.
order The order in which a parameter should appear on the command line (0-indexed).
switch The switch used on the command line (e.g., ''-input'')
switchSpaced Should there be a space between a switch and its arguments?
format Defines the nature of the data accepted/produced by the parameter. format
type Type of data produced/accepted by parameter. Choose from the following options: File,Directory,String ,Number,Enumerated. If you choose File, ''filetype'' must be defined within ''format''.
cardinality How many arguments should be entered after the switch. -1 is infinite (unavailable for output) -2 is the number of arguments passed to the input (unavailable for input)
base A base string to be transformed.
filetypes A grouping of file types accepted by the input/output.
filetype A file type accepted by the input/output.
name The human readable name of the file type.
extension The extension of the filetype (no ‘.’ required)
description A short description of the file type
need A nested element within the ''filetype'' tag that contains the extension of any file needed by this type. You can have multiple ''need'' tags within a ''filetype''.
transform Allows you to define an output file name using string operations and a base string.
order An index value describing at which point the transform should be executed.(?)
op subtract,prepend,append,replace