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In addition to Retrocomputing and VintageScientific-Computing, I have an interest in history more broadly. Specifically, I am interested in historical reconstruction (a la the holodeck in Star Trek: TNG) and the potential of VR to help facilitate accurate depictions of past places and cultures.

I propose to use the noun retroscape ("A landscape or setting filled with things from the past." according to Wiktionary) as a verb to refer to such virtual reconstructions. I believe in using historical data aggregated from multiple sources (archives, historical societies, flea markets, cartographers, etc) to re-animate humanity's collective past.

Below I list links related to the fields and tools that are most necessary to facilitate this interest.



Photogrammetry is the science/engineering/art of generating 3d objects by inferring their shape from 2d photos.


360 Degree Photography

  • Google Jump used to seem pretty cool, until Google's ADHD kicked in
  • VR180 is Google's latest venture (because I guess the full 360 degrees was too much to ask)
  • I stand by my trusty Ricoh Theta V.

Conversion of Illustrations and Grayscale Photographs to Photorealistic 3d Models