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ap01 (shorthand for "Access Point 1") is an ASUS N300 RT-N12_D1 with stock firmware installed. It's currently set up to function as an access point only (this functionality is built into the stock firmware). Routing functionality is provided by gateway01.


Key Value
CPU Broadcom BCM5357 (ARM?)
# of Cores (logical) 1
CPU Clock Speed (MHz) 300
Memory (MB) 32
Disks 8 MB Flash
OS Stock Firmware (Linux version
IP Address
Supported WiFi Bands 2.4 Ghz

Configuration Backup

I have not yet backed up the configuration for this. After I create a dedicated backup machine I'll stash a backup there.


  • I need to get a wall mount and put this on top of it to see if that provides better coverage. I've been looking at this for both this and ap02.
  • Maybe I'll install dd-wrt on it? This is possible according to here. Not sure if it's particularly worthwhile though.