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ap02 (shorthand for "Access Point 2") is a WNR3500Lv2 with dd-wrt on it. It's currently set up to function as a wireless repeater because my main WAP (ap01) does not always provide reliable coverage in my bedroom. Instructions for this particular setup can be found here.


Key Value
CPU MIPS32 74k
# of Cores (logical) 1
CPU Clock Speed (MHz) 480
Memory (MB) 128
Disks 128 MB NAND Flash
OS dd-wrt Kong Build (2015)
IP Address
Supported WiFi Bands 2.4 Ghz

Configuration Backup

I have not yet backed up the configuration for this. After I create a dedicated backup machine I'll stash a backup there.


  • I need to get a wall mount and put this on top of it to see if that provides better coverage in my bedroom. I've been looking at this for both this and ap01.
  • This build of dd-wrt is ancient and Kong is no longer making builds so I'm never going to hook this up directly to a modem again. It will live on only behind a firewall appliance (i.e., gateway01).