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Neuroinformatics Pipelines

A page to store links to documentation for common bits of software, and take notes on steps that overlap. I think that, by and large, the majority of neuroscience problems fall into three categories: image manipulation, quantifying behavioral observations, manipulating physiological observations, and stimulus presentation.

Image Manipulation

These utilities ultimately should amount to specialized versions of Photoshop/the GIMP that operate in 3D space rather than 2D. Some of them include some statistical processing tools as well. Essentially these then become hybridized versions of Photoshop and R/Stata/SPSS/SAS.

As per earlier statements, compare these manuals to:

Other Image Processing Libraries

Open Source


Quantifying Behavioral Data

Sentiment Analysis


Manipulating Physiological Data

Stimulus Presentation

Stimulus presentation packages, by their very nature, also quantify behavioral data into reaction times and specific responses.