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Netgear WNR3500L


My router does not have a cute name. It is a WNR3500Lv2. It's connected to the interwebz via my ArrisSurfboard cable modem. The most notable thing about this router is that I've installed ddwwrt on it. This means that, in addition to providing me with wonderful streaming movies, e-mails, games and other web goodness it provides:

  • Static allocation for addresses using DHCP
  • Custom DNS entries between local IPs and domains (currently using the .so TLD because I like it and no one else really uses it) provided by DNSMasq.
  • VPN to my apartment via OpenVPN Server

Configuration Backup

I've exported a copy of my configuration and put it at /home/jpellman/Documents/Backups on Maxwell. This configuration changes infrequently enough that I plan on backing it up on an ad-hoc basis after major changes are made.


I don't have any major plans at the moment because I'm boring like that.