Bruno is a Mid 2012, 13-inch MacBook Pro. It is barely alive and is due to be replaced at some point in 2020. I bought it refurbished around 1/1/15 and it is still kicking, but with caveats. I mostly just use it for 2D gaming, simple web browsing, and as a dummy terminal to access Maxwell, so I haven't been super bothered by its obvious deficiencies.

I'm currently holding back on upgrading OS X on it because I'm running iMovie HD 6 in an incredibly hacky way in order to rip a bunch of older DV tapes in my mom's house, and newer versions of OS X deprecate at least one Cocoa API call that iMovie HD 6 depends on.

Bruno is named after Giordano Bruno (not to be confused with Bruno Behard)

What's Broken

What I Like



Core i7

# of Cores (logical)


CPU Clock Speed (GHz)


Memory (GB)



Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB


500 GB SSD


Mac OS X 10.12.6

IP Address (Ethernet), (Wifi)

FQDN (on LAN) (Ethernet), (Ethernet), (Wifi)


I'll probably replace this with a Macbook Air. I've toyed around with just using a tablet (e.g., iPad, Surface) in the past, but due to the amount of multimedia work I do as I digitize documents and other media in my childhood home, I think that I'll still need a portable computer with a modest amount of horsepower.

Alternatively, I might be able to prolong this laptop's life a little more with a power bank like this, although that might just be kicking the can before the inevitability of needing to replace it, and may ultimately not be cost effective.


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